Marijuana activists spark up outside the White House to stop arrests over the drug


This is definitely one way to make a political cause seem high-minded.

Protesters gathered outside the White House on Saturday to smoke marijuana, claiming it should no longer be considered dangerous.

They came armed with flags, signs and, of course, a giant inflatable spliff.

Unfortunately the secret service swooped in before the 51ft joint made it to the doors of the White House, stopping it being displayed over security concerns.

In fact, perhaps unsurprisingly due to their, ahem, relaxed state of mind, the activists were described as “very respectful” by one sergeant.

Despite public smoking of weed being illegal in the US capital, police made no arrests at the event. Possession of up to 2oz (56 grams) is legal, however.

Protest organisers say President Barack Obama should remove pot from the list of Schedule 1 controlled substances, which includes heroin and other addictive drugs.

Mr Obama has maintained that pot advocates should try to lobby Congress to pass a bill reclassifying the drug.

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