What is the best first thing in the morning that you can indulge in for your health, guzzling down two glasses of water? Besides, of course drinking at least 7-8 glasses of water daily would be imperative to help your systems work their best. However often, drinking plain water gets monotonous so that’s when detox water or flavoured drinks pour in! It is a delicious way to cleanse your body and helps in reducing weight. When you are trying to get your health back on track liquid detox is great way to feeling better. Needless to say, the fruit infused drinks are one of the healthiest drinks you can consume, your body will thank you for this summer!

Liquid Detox

Detox water is primarily plain water infused with the goodness of fruits. To flush out toxins, our body needs lots of water. Atleast 7-8 glasses of water every day help to keep our body hydrated and the vital organs in the pink of possible health. Detox water gives your body the right amount of water, additionally infused with extra goodness and taste. You can add ingredients as easy to get like the good old lemon in your kitchen which helps to flush harmful toxins from your body, mint which aids in digestion, cucumber which contains anti-inflammatory properties and ginger which is a natural pain reliever and aids in digestion and so on. You can throw in melon, raspberries, strawberries and others that are healthy and beneficial, to a large jug of ice and water and drink it throughout the day for an effective detox.

So the process to make detox water is as simple as putting about 7-8 glasses of water in a jar, adding some seasonal fruits or salad veggies according to your taste and requirements in the same jar and let it stand for some time and voila! One can mix and match ingredients to adapt the recipes to your personal taste, and you have your glass of awesomeness ready! You can put it in the fridge overnight so that the water gets infused with the nutrients and flavors of the fruits. We suggest let the flavours mingle overnight!

Our simple and quick flavoured detox drinks this summer to quench your thirst in the tastiest and healthiest manner possible.

1. Apple Cinnamon – Take some chopped apples and cinnamon sticks. Apples are packed with tons of fibers which help cleanse your body of toxins and aid in digestion, while cinnamon helps enhance metabolism. This drink also promotes weight loss.

2. Berry Good – Take a handful of raspberries or blackberries and half a lemon. While lemon is rich in Vitamin C, a powerful detox agent with tremendous anti-oxidants, berries are anti-inflammatory phytochemicals that are anti-aging and anti-cancer.

3. Strawberry, Kiwi, Mint – Take some strawberries, kiwis and mint sprigs with sprinkle of ginger. Kiwi is a superfood, packed with vitamins A and E helping prevent free radicals besides being anti-cancer, flush out toxins from the colon. Strawberries help fight carcinogens with anti-ageing properties. Ginger adds a spicy kick. A must-have drink this summer!

4. Watermelon, lime & Mint – Watermelon has high water content and helps the kidneys get rid of toxins, lime stimulates digestive tract and mint aids in digestion.

5. Green Tea & Tangerine – Green tea is a powerhouse of anti-oxidants, Tangerines are full of antioxidants and filled with Vitamin A. You may also take citrus limetta. Loose weight and get the skin glowing inside out!

6. Peach & thyme – Take a few pieces of peach and throw in a few sprigs of thyme. Voila, you have the peaches and cream complexion ready this season.

Get Detoxed

Expert Nutritionist, Shikha A Sharma says, ‘These days everyone is talking about “detox” or considering a “cleanse.” Toxins are said to be the problem, but when was the last time anyone explained what a detox, toxin or cleanse actually are? Detoxification is also the process by which medications are metabolised, then excreted. Because toxins are potentially dangerous to human health, they need to be transformed and excreted from the body through urine, feces, respiration or sweat. Each person’s ability to detoxify varies and is influenced by environment, diet, lifestyle, health status and genetic factors, suggesting some people could require more detoxification support than others. But if the amount of toxin to which a person is exposed exceeds his or her body’s ability to excrete them, the toxins may be stored in fat cells, soft tissue and bone, negatively affecting health.

This is the rationale that supports the use of practices that support the body’s own detoxification capabilities. Most detoxification programs recommend removing processed foods and foods to which some people are sensitive, such as dairy, gluten, eggs, peanuts and red meat, and eating mostly organically grown vegetables, fruit, whole non-glutenous grains, nuts, seeds and lean protein.

Other programs recommend fasting, a potentially risky practice for some people, which may actually suppress detoxification pathways in the body. This is why many health practitioners advise against this practice.’

She recommends ways to Support Your Body’s Natural Detox.

Detoxification support doesn’t need to consist of a rigorous plan; doing some or all of the following can support detoxification:

1. Maintain adequate hydration with clean water.

2. Eat five to nine servings of fruit and vegetables per day.

3. Eat cruciferous vegetables, berries, artichokes, garlic, leeks, turmeric and milk thistle, and drink green tea. These foods support detoxification pathways.

4. Consume adequate protein, which is critical to maintaining optimum levels of glutathione, the body’s master detoxification enzyme.

5. Consider taking a multivitamin/multi mineral to fill any gaps in a healthy diet, since certain vitamins and minerals enable the body’s detoxification processes to function.

6. Maintain bowel regularity.

7. Combine plain water with proven fat-burning superfoods to create detox water, and you’ll have an elixir that energies you, fights bloating and helps you achieve your weight loss goals. Fruits like berries, grapefruits and apples have compounds in their peels and pulp that fry flab and prevent disease — deliciously! Get inspired by some of our favourite detox waters below. The recipes couldn’t be simpler:

*Citrus fruits are classic detox water ingredients: They’re rich in the antioxidant D-limonene, a powerful compound found in the peel that stimulates liver enzymes to help flush toxins from the body and gives sluggish bowels a kick

* Add celery to any detox water and crunch away! It has six calories per stalk and full of vitamins A, C and K, B vitamins, folate and potassium, which diminishes water retention and aids muscle recovery, so you can get back in the gym sooner and burn more calories.

* Dropping berries into any detox water is an excellent idea. Using frozen berries gives any detox water a pleasing mocktail effect.

* It may look unlikely, but this is a brilliant combo: Bananas are a good source of prebiotic fiber, which helps feed good gut bacteria and improve digestion; lemon cleanses the body; mangos are packed with vitamin C, and tomatoes have cancer-fighting antioxidants. Just don’t forget to snack on the slices.

* The last time you saw this flavor combo, it was probably on a menu describing a super-caloric iced tea. Forget that and make this version, which will be refreshing and energizing without a sugar crash.

* Three citrus fruits work together in this cleansing blend: All three are rich in D-limonene, which has been shown to have anti-cancer effects and soothe heartburn and acid reflux. It also flushes toxins and helps clear up irregularity.

Blueberry Orange Water
* This yummy water has the antioxidant properties of blueberries and the toxin flushing properties of citrus.

* What better fruit to add to your water than watermelon? Not only does contain vitamins and minerals, it helps to flush out your system.


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