Mayor of London suggesting Scottish nationalism is ‘the same as racism’ made people mad


Mayor of London Saqid Khan has managed to anger many people with his comments at the Scottish Labour Party conference.

Ahead of the event, the mayor of London shared part of his speech on Twitter where he called for unity instead of separation (ie don’t have another independence referendum to leave the UK, please).

But the part that really got people mad was where he seemed to suggest those who want a separate Scotland are just like “those who try to divide us on the basis of our background, race or religion”, before going on to talk about Trump and Brexit.

When First Minister Nicola Sturgeon got wind of it all, she hit back and hit back hard

Khan ended up rewriting part of his speech to tone down his message and clarify his comments by adding the line: “Now of course I’m not saying that nationalists are somehow racist or bigoted – but now, more than ever – what we don’t need is more division and separation.”

But the damage had already been done and people have started picking his speech apart and alluding to a few contradictions.

Though it must be said there are some who are in agreement with him.

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