More female entrepreneurs predicted


Karren Brady said a new report shows that young women are 'more determined than ever to be in control of their own destiny'

The UK is set to see an “explosion” of female entrepreneurs, led by a new generation of spirited young women, a new report has predicted.

Research among 2,000 young women commissioned by beauty products firm Avon suggested the number aiming to work for themselves will double over the next few decades.

Almost two out of three of those aged between 16 and 24 surveyed expressed an interest in setting up their own business and most said being their own boss appealed to them.

Fewer than a third of those questioned felt there was enough advice available from the Government on how they could become entrepreneurs.

Dr Alexandra Beauregard, of the London School of Economics, commented: “In the harsh light of today’s economic realities, Avon’s research reveals young women are well aware of the challenges that face them, and are prepared to meet those challenges head-on.

“If the world is where we seek our fortune, then ‘this is the world is my oyster’ generation. With hard work and determination, these women will prise open the shell of the economic downturn and extract the pearl of satisfying work combined with a meaningful family life.”

Businesswoman Karren Brady added: “Avon’s report shows that young women are more determined than ever to be in control of their own destiny. As a result they are defining the next generation of entrepreneurship and rewriting the rules in this perceived male-dominated world.”

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