New Commons Speaker to be elected on November 4


The election of the next Speaker of the House of Commons will take place on November 4.

The current Speaker John Bercow, who has held the office since June 22 2009, will take the chair for a final time on October 31, the House of Commons has revealed.

Mr Bercow will formally resign as an MP on November 4, in keepeing with his two immediate predecessors.

The election of a new Speaker will be presided over by Father of the House, Conservative MP Ken Clarke.

Father of the House Ken Clarke

Nominations of candidates must be submitted between 9.30am and 10.30am on November 4, with the House proceeding immediately to the election when business begins at 2.30pm. Mr Clarke will be in the chair.

Any MP can stand to be Speaker, although if a minister or an opposition frontbencher did so, they would be expected to resign from their position.

Candidates will each address MPs in an order selected by ballot, before MPs vote in secret.

Successive ballots will be held until either a candidate wins more than 50% of the vote, or only one candidate remains.

The successful candidate – who will then become the Speaker-elect, will attend the Lords Commissioners in the House of Lords to receive Royal Approbation.

The Speaker’s roles in the House of Commons include controlling debates, deciding who speaks, selecting amendments and choosing whether to allow urgent questions or emergency debates.

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