In New Year Spirit!


New Year’s Eve is here. Do you want to get your party started on the right foot and drink something fun? Who said champagne should be the only thing worth drinking on NYE? So whether you are throwing a party or snuggling up on the couch, we have a plethora of splendid cocktails for New Year’s toast. Choose your best bet from how you fancy it, creamy, fizzy or bubbly boozy cocktails. Here’s how to get your festive boost for the grand finale of the year! Bring it on!

Hakkasan restaurant gives us three brilliant cocktails for the New year parties lined up this season.




  1. Grape Fruit Juice 35ml
  2. Campari 12.5ml
  3. Tanqueray 40ml
  4. Lime Juice 5ml
  5. Sugar Syrup 10ml

* Grapefruit Twist

* Cancun Glass


  1. Add all the ingredients into the shaker.
  2. Pack the shaker with ice.
  3. Shake well.
  4. Double strain into a Cancun Glass.
  5. Garnish with Grapefruit Twist.

Golden Iced Tea (cocktail)



  1. 15ml Vodka
  2. 15ml Gin
  3. 15ml tequila
  4. 15ml Rum
  5. 15ml triple sec
  6. 25ml lemon juice
  7. Dash of peach bitters
  8. 50ml orchid tea syrup( 5min brew orchid tea. Syrup made of 1 part of sugar 2.5 parts of the tea.
  9. Rolling method served over cubed ice in a Hakkasan red wine glass. 25ml champagne top up making the drink a treat as well as great food friendly.

Soft Golden Iced Tea (non-alcoholic cocktail)



  1. 25ml peach juice
  2. 10ml lemon
  3. 10ml Agave syrup

    70ml orchid tea

    Top up with 65ml Ginger ale

    Also rolling method served over ice in a bamboo glass.

Golden Orchard- Yuatcha restaurant gives us this hit cocktail number to get into the spirit. 


  1. 10 agave syrup 
  2. 10 lemon juice 
  3. 10 reposado tequila
  4. 15 dark rum    
  5. 10 triple sec
  6. 15 peach juice
  7. 25 orchid flower tea
  8. 25 champagne ‎( top up) 

Method: Put all ingredients except champagne into a shaker, shake well and double strain over fresh ice in a coupette glass. Top up with 25 ml champagne and garnish with an orchid flower.    

The above combos are sure to blow your mind!

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