Panama papers law firm threatens legal action


The Panamanian law firm at the centre of a huge trove of leaked documents detailing offshore financial dealings says it will take legal action against an international group of journalists.

The Mossack Fonseca firm said in statement that it had asked the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists to stop publishing information from the documents that it says were obtained through a computer hack.

On Monday, the consortium published information about 200,000 offshore entities in a searchable database. It said that did not imply all those mentioned violated the law.

The firm says that in addition to being obtained illegally, the data is full of errors.

The consortium has published a number of stories detailing how world leaders, celebrities and businesses use such entities to hide money.


  1. The action is just about to begin and getting into the second round just like in the Hollywood movies

  2. Definitely a blockbuster and a lot of us will watch this. It’s amazing how the rich are fighting themselves.

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