Passenger on BA flight said he had a bomb and ‘everyone is going to die’, says radio DJ

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A British radio DJ has revealed “terrifying” details of how a passenger on board a British Airways flight to Dubai claimed he had a bomb and “everyone was going to die”.

Former Virgin Radio host Steve Penk, who became known for his on-air pranks, explained that it took six people to restrain the man after he “went berserk”.

Penk’s daughter, Natalie, was on the flight, which departed from London Heathrow to the United Arab Emirates last night.

He posted on Twitter: “Some guy went berserk on board five hours into the flight claiming he had a bomb and everyone was going to die.

“It took five crew and the help of another large passenger to restrain him. They had to handcuff him and then cover him with a blanket.

“My daughter Natalie says the guy was literally screaming and shouting he couldn’t breathe. He shouted everyone was going to die. Absolutely terrifying.”
The DJ explained that the disruptive passenger was covered with a blanket after he started spitting.

The aircraft landed safely in Dubai.

Penk said his daughter was left “very shaken up” and described the BA crew as “amazing”.

BA issued a statement which read: “Our customers and crews deserve to enjoy their flights, and not to suffer any form of abuse.

“This sort of behaviour will absolutely not be tolerated, and the appropriate action will always be taken.”

Police in Dubai are believed to be investigating.

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