Pope ordains 19 new priests during Vatican ceremony

Pope ordains 19 new priests during Vatican ceremony


Pope Francis has ordained 19 men to the priesthood during a ceremony in St Peter’s Basilica.

Most of the new priests are Italian, but other seminarians are from Croatia, Peru, Haiti and Japan.

Pope Francis blesses one of the new priests

Wearing white robes, the seminarians stood in three rows before the central altar after replying “Here I am”, as their names were called one by one.

In a ritual, Francis asked if they were worthy to become priests.

As part of the ordination ceremony, the new priests lay face down on the floor

During his homily, he told them to carry out their mission “in joy and charity” and to never “tire of being merciful” towards the faithful.

The seminarians’ ages range from mid-20s to 46.



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