Post-election Queen’s Speech addresses Brexit and NHS funding

Queens Speech post election to address NHS
The Queen’s Christmas message is broadcast on television every year

The second Queen’s Speech of Johnson’s premiership confirmed his aim to put the health service at the heart of the Government’s legislative programme, alongside moves to finally force through Brexit by the end of January.

The British Prime Minister’s list of proposed new laws was revealed after he led the Conservatives to their biggest general election victory since 1987.

The UK Government will enshrine in law a commitment on NHS funding, with an extra £33.9 billion per year provided by 2023/24, Mr Johnson said.

Other new laws will mean qualified doctors, nurses and health professionals with a job offer from the NHS can get fast-track visas and support to come to the UK as part of a points-based immigration system.

The Queen’s Speech also addressed Brexit and the Withdrawal Agreement Bill, which is needed to put the prime minister’s Brexit deal into law, will be the first piece of legislation to be debated by the new parliament.

Following the general election, a fresh Withdrawal Agreement Bill is being presented to MPs with some alterations to the last version.

The bill which now includes Mr Johnson’s commitment, made during the election campaign, that the Brexit transition period will finish by the end of December 2020, needs to be passed by MPs before the UK can leave the EU on 31 January.

It is just 66 days since the Queen was last asked to conduct the State Opening of Parliament on October 14.

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