Don’t we all envy Angelina Jolie’s legendary pucker and pout? Do not despair! Since time immemorial women and their suitors have understood the attraction and importance of pink, naturally flushed, full, flirty, selfie-worthy lips. How can you make your lips look perfect, and not parched? You know lips are having a moment, besides lip masks are also in vogue, so our lips do need some special care for obvious reasons. Our lips take a beating every day from acts of passion to food, makeup, chewing on lips while you try to beat the deadline, sunrays, you name it! This spring season, do your lips a favour, your lips will thank you later! 
With a little loving care, your lips can be perfect in no time. Just follow these steps, give yourself a lip facial and then pucker up! Here’s how you can pamper your pout to get the desired results. Let your lips do the talking.

How to Protect your Pout in Spring Naturally

  1. You should try to avoid over exposure to the sunrays as they can absorb moisture of your lips and make them dry. If you have to spend a lot of time outdoors, then you should go for ‘triple lipstick ‘, with moisturizers and sunscreen built right in.
  2. Protect your lips from the harsh weather conditions. Eat plenty of green veggies and fruits. Gorge on foods rich in Vitamins. Increase your intake of water.
  3. Peppermint lip balm brings relief to lips damaged by spring-summer sun. Add 10 drops of peppermint essential oil to 1 tbsp of honey. Apply it to the lips at bedtime. You may add 10 drops each of grapefruit essential oil and lavender essential oil instead of peppermint.
  4. You may also consume lot of fluids in your diet. Cut down the intake of carbonated sodas, tea, or coffee. Drink fresh fruits juice or vegetables juice. Butter milk is very good option after your meals.
  5. As our skins are made up of 90% water, drinking plenty of water not only helps you stay hydrated, it also controls and regulates your lips and skins natural balance by stimulating the circulation of blood, fluids, and other elements within your body. In addition, drinking plenty of water also helps replace the moisture lost during your daily activities.
  6. Vitamins B and E are important for lip health, easily found in fresh fruits and vegetables including avocado, asparagus, pineapple, grapes, parsnips, sweet potato, berries, kiwi, mango, Swiss chard. Eat to your heart’s content for optimal health and quintessentially kissable lips!
  7. Seek out foods high in water content such as fresh watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, jicama, and beets.
  8. Lips turn black due to heat in summer. Take Saffron and mix it with curd. Apply this curd to lips daily two or three times a day. Lips get good color.
  9. You should try to avoid over exposure to the sunrays as they can absorb moisture of your lips and make them dry. If you have to spend a lot of time outdoors, then you should go for ‘triple lipstick ‘, with moisturizers and sunscreen built right in.
  10. Apply lip balm and lip gloss only over sun-protection cream.
  11. Dried lips should be applied with almond and coconut oil mixed in same quantities. Lips will be moist for longer time.
  12. Apply vaseline to your lips daily.
  13. Apply coconut oil to your lips daily to moisturize the lips.
  14. The easiest scrub is also in your daily kitchen, sugar and honey can be used to remove dead skin from the lips.
  15. Lighten your lips with food, mix lemon, potato and beetroot juice, and apply on your lips every night. Wash it off in the morning to get light, pink lips.
  16. Massage lips every night with a mixture of 1/2 tspn Glycerin and 1/2 tspn castor oil, 1/2 tspn lemon juice and leave overnight.
  17. Women have gone to great lengths to plump up the volume, from rubbing herbs, spices, and oils like ginger, mint, menthol, cayenne, and cinnamon directly onto the skin to produce a ruddy, slightly swollen effect, instead of collagen injections for bee-stung orifice.
  18. Stop smoking as excessive smoking also leads to dark lips. You must cut down on your daily cigarettes to prevent your lips from darkening.

Malavika Kohli, Dermatologist, Mumbai says, ‘Stay hydrated, Lip tanning also happens because of dehydration, so you must drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. Regular use of a good lip balm all day and night, ceramide containing lip balms will be useful that will improve hydration. Choose a healthy, balanced diet for healthy, glowing skin—including the lips. Have green leafy vegetables and fruits and liquid juices like Coconut water, Water melon juice etc along with more colours like green, red, yellow, oranges etc. Avoid lip smacking in spring-summers as saliva dries the lips further. Avoid perfumed, coloured, scented lip balms and gloss which can lead to pigmentation of the lips.’

Another Cosmetic Surgeon and Skin Expert, Cocoona Centre for Aesthetic Transformation, Sapna V Roshni, says, ‘Just like scrubbing your face, scrubbing your lips is equally important. Use crushed sugar as a natural scrub to keep your lips pink and tan-free. Oils like Almond oil, Olive oil and Coconut oil helps to keep your lips hydrated and soft.’


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