President Trump’s Battles From Within

President Trump’s Battles From Within


By Deborah Thomas
By Deborah Thomas

US elections has been quite a spectacle to the world as the world has never seen so much divide, anger and most of all “Drama”. Then, presidential candidate Trump was never a favourite to win and as a matter of fact, the world already assumed the winner without a doubt was going to be Hillary Clinton. This was meant to be the most historical moment majority were all waiting for. The very first woman president of the United States of America.

Alas! This did not happen, instead the world woke up to President elect Trump. Every mainstream media went down in a 100% breakdown mode not understanding how and why it happened. Newspaper front covers all around the world could not get enough of this most epic failed prediction. Front cover after cover already prepared for Madam President had to be changed to Mr President. The media frenzy, meltdown and acceptance of this result was unprecedented and accepting Donald Trump as the new President was just impossible.

Everyday after the elections result has been nothing but exciting, especially now that new President is now perceived as the most despised figure in country by the mainstream media, the liberal left and popular celebrities. The first 2 weeks of his presidency was filled with violent protests in several cities and naturally a 24/7 absolute negative coverage from the mainstream media. They see in Trump an illegitimate President hence the intense daily scrutiny of his executive orders, administration team picks, his phone calls and even his very regular tweets!

Trump’s controversial travel ban was an icing on the cake as this triggered the liberals and all hell broke loose. Everybody that mattered weighed in on the issue, ridiculing President Trump at every opportunity. It did not stop there, leaders in Europe also weighed in too. Then the unprecedented court overturn of the ban happened. In defiance the president continued forging ahead with new executive orders keeping all the promises made to his supporters on his campaign trail.

Dangerous Territory

Politics has never been this complicated in my lifetime where there is complete breakdown from the left causing utter chaos and confusion on the right way forward. President Trump has faced a barrage of criticisms resulting to the release of some unverified allegations in the mainstream media. This is very unfortunate as it is also resulting in public mistrust for the media. Of course the ripple effect of this is the name calling and shaming of the mainstream media by the president.

Trump delegitimising the media and the constant negativity from the media towards President Trump is mockery of the office of the President.

The hostility is now progressed to exclusion of certain mainstream media from a White House private press briefing CNN, New York Times, BBC, Daily Mail, Guardian, BuzzFeed, Politico and others. Ironically these are typically the media that Trump say lie about him and constantly calls fake news media outlets.

This battle between President and the mainstream media is dangerously approaching territories that could lead to dire consequences. Americana Trump seems to forging ahead against all the odds and his bent on steering this ship regardless of who gets aboard. His vision to “Make America Great Again” is his driving force and his counting the days and achievements.

This begs the following questions:

1. How long can the mainstream media continue this war with a sitting president without consequences?

2. Will the American people gradually rally behind President Trump regardless of the mainstream media constant outpouring of negativity on the administration?

3. Should celebrities continue fuelling this war with President Trump

4. Could this lead to a failure of leadership of President Trump.

5. Could United States of America lose it’s “World Power” status to China?

These are truly unpredictable times and no one really knows what might be next but one thing needs to be resolved: President Trump Vs The Mainstream Media

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