Roll Out The Rice!


Give your friends a little something extra to look forward to during the holiday lunch parties. Well, give something sweet, sour and spicy in rice preparations by adding some international flair to your meals this year. Here are some unusual Xmas rice fares for you to try on your loved ones…

Two super delicious rice recipes by expert Chef Prakash from Restaurant 29.

Thupka And Sticky rice




Cut all the veg and ginger garlic in fine Juliennes, and boil the noodle and keep aside.Heat the pan with Oil add ginger garlic, and sauté after soften add all the veg and cook for 2 – 3 min then add vegetable stock and adjust the seasoning and Soya sauce and vinegar. Add the noodle cook further until desire consistency and check the seasoning and remove from heat. Cook the sticky rice in different pressure cooker adding little salt and keep little extra water so that rice get sticky, while cooking take first whistle and then slow and cook for few min check for doneness and remove from heat serve together with sticky rice and thunk.

Kanpuri Tikka Pulao



For Biryani Rice
Clean wash and soak the biryani rice. Then temper with ghee, make a potli of garam masala ( take some saffron strings) whole tossed rice and the right consistency of hot boiling water and cook until its done. It will leave behind a good aroma of a masala also called yakani.


Now on a platter arrange the rice keeping the space in between for the yellow and red tikka gravy . Garnish with chopped coriander leaves serve with mix vegetable riata.

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