Russia fail in appeal to overturn Rio Paralympics ban

Olympics, Olympic Village

Russia has failed in an appeal against its exclusion from the Rio Paralympic Games, the Court of Arbitration for Sport has announced.

The Russian Paralympic Committee (RPC) challenged its suspension, which was imposed by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) on August 7 in the wake of a damning report into the country’s state-run doping programme.


Has it gone too far?

For a team of Olympians that have not even been caught nor openly known as dope users, this is an unnecessary choice. Clearly showing that this year’s Olympics, at least in Russia’s situation, is purely a political statement.

It has been noted many other Olympians that were caught using dope in past events such as American sprinter, Justin Gatlin, who tested positive for doping before and was still allowed to participate in Rio.

This Paralympic decision takes all the effort that was put into training and scraps it completely. Necessary or unfair, you be the judge.


  1. These people are sadists period. How low can the organization go? To think that they are always claiming o fight for the disabled people.

  2. One has to wonder where the disability activists are right now especially the very loud ones that claim to fight for the rights of the disabled community.

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