Samsung says shipments of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones have been delayed for quality control testing, amid reports of exploding batteries.

A company official said the delay was caused by additional quality evaluation tests. Spokeswoman Sophia Kim denied media reports that Samsung had halted shipments of the flagship phone.

The move comes after reports in South Korea that some consumers claimed batteries in the jumbo smartphone exploded during charging. Yonhap News said five to six explosions had been reported.
It is unusual for Samsung to confirm a delay in sales of a device.

Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 7 on August 19 in some markets including South Korea and the US. The phone features an iris scanner that lets users unlock the phone by detecting patterns in the eyes.

The spokeswoman said the delay affects the South Korean market only.
Samsung said it is investigating reports of explosions after pictures of damaged phones were uploaded on local online communities, social media and YouTube.

The Galaxy Note 7 is the latest iteration of a series that features a giant screen and a stylus.

The smartphones are among the most expensive line-ups released by Samsung and usually inherit designs and features of the Galaxy S series that debuts in the spring.
Even before the issue of battery explosions emerged, supplies were not keeping up with higher-than-expected demand.


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