Samsung stops sales of its Galaxy Note7 after battery fires


Samsung has halted sales of its Galaxy Note7 just two weeks after the smartphone’s launch after discovering the batteries in a number of handsets exploded while charging.

Those who have already got their hands on the gadget will be able to swap their Note7 for a replacement or a new smartphone, regardless of when it was bought.

Some Samsung users have reported their phones catching fire or exploding while charging, while the company has confirmed 35 cases in South Korea and overseas.

Koh Dong-jin, president of Samsung’s mobile business, said the company’s investigation found that a battery cell made by one of Samsung’s two providers caused the phone to catch fire.

The flagship smartphone was due to go on sale on Friday in the UK after being unveiled last month, but advertising for the phone has now vanished from the websites of mobile operators.

The recall comes just days before rival Apple are due to unveil their next iPhone. Samsung and Apple are currently the two largest smartphone brands globally in terms of sales.

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