Simply Sweet: Pampering for International Women’s Day


Woman’s Day is round the corner! Gentlemen, this one is for you. If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, we can guarantee you that women love it and fall hard for super cool desserts too. Men, show your woman your love by pampering her and thank her in the sweetest way possible with an extra special dessert, just make sure you make it the day before for ultimate ease. Delicately sweet, tender, velvety and scrumptious these four recipes are just right to amuse your woman’s taste buds. We sure are overflowing with chocolaty goodness to show off our overflowing love for women in our lives. Infact, these recipes are perfect to enjoy with your girlfriend, partner or mom, celebrate the women in your life we say! Here a few classic dessert recipes, ideas needless to say we are sold! 
Folks, you better start planning. Get inspired by these sweet treats and wow your woman!

Expert Patisserie Chef Neha Lakhani gives us four drool-worthy dessert recipes to woo your significant other.

Lemon & Dark Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate truffles are one of those things that looks really hard to make, but this recipe, that needs five ingredients and about 40 minutes to make, will be your little secret!

Ingredients for lemon ganache:
* Juice and zest of 4 lemons
* Dark chocolate 100 grams
* Heavy cream 50 grams

Method for Ganache:

  1. Boil the cream and add it to the chocolate and mix. Let it cool for a bit.
  2. Then add the lemon juice and zest once the ganache is a little cool.
  3. Allow it to harden in the refrigerator slightly.
  4. Roll this mixture into small balls and refrigerate for another 15 minutes to firm them up.
  5. Dip the firm lemon ganache balls into chocolate and roll them over cocoa powder.
  6. Allow to set on butter paper in the refrigerator.

Ingredients for dipping:
* 100 grams dark couverture chocolate, tempered
* 50 grams cocoa powder

Baked Yogurt

Preparation time 10 mins, baking time 10 mins @160*c


* 200g condensed milk

* 200g cream

* 200g hung curd
20g honey

method for cream

1. Mix all ingredients together with a spoon and pour in small shot glasses and bake for 20 mins. 

2. When baked let it cool and add peaches and cranberries a fresh mint leaf and serve.
Ideas/serving suggestions/decorations: Can also add granola inside.

Lemon tart with Italian meringue

Preparation time 30 mins, baking time 40 mins at 180*C
Ingredients for Pate Sucre (base)

* 200 g flour

* 100 g butter

* 70 g icing sugar

* 3 pc egg yolk

* Pinch of salt

* Vanilla

Ingredients for Almond Cream

* 60g Butter

* 60g Icing Sugar

* 60g Almond Powder

* 1 Egg 
Ingredients for Lemon Curd

* 4 pc Lemon juice

* 1 pc Lemon zest

* 100g Sugar

* 3 pc Egg

* 150g Butter
Ingredients for Italian Meringue
* 100g Egg White 

* 200g Sugar

* 70g water


1. For the base , cream the butter and the sugar , add the yolks and mix well and now add the flour and vanilla and mix well until a dough is formed. And now flatten and chill the dough.

2. Put all together the ingredients of almond cream and mix.

3. Roll the base on a tart mould and put the almond cream n bake for 30 mins at 180 degree.

4. For the lemon curd blancher eggs and sugar, in a pan boil the lemon juice n now temper it with sugar & egg mixture and cook everything together on low flame till it becomes a thick cream, and keep whisking. When cool add butter and blend to form an emulsion.
5. Once the tart is baked n cool put lemon cream on it.

6. Cook the sugar syrup till 118 degrees n then pour over the egg white and whisk to make a meringue and pipe over the tart n burn it with the torch.

Points to note:
1. Cook the syrup till soft ball stage
2. And be careful while cooking the lemon curd it shouldn’t burn.

Ideas/serving suggestions/decorations:
1. Can also use lemon cream with some granola and make a dessert in a glass.
2. Can also make with passion fruit.
3. Serve with some berries n sprinkle pistachios.

Mille Feuille

Preparation time 30 mins, baking time 20 mins at 200*C
Ingredients for sheet
* Readymade puff
* Well frozen
Ingredients for pastry cream

* 250 ml milk
* 50 g sugar
* 25 corn flour
* 2 egg yolks 

ingredients for light pastry cream
100 g pastry cream
* 100 g whipped cream
* Fruits to fill (optional)
Ingredients for topping

* 50g icing sugar ( optional)
fresh fruits


1. Roll the frozen puff to desired thickness , roll the docker on it and bake at 200 degree for 15 mins with weight on it so that the puff doesn’t rise , and once baked sprinkle icing sugar and bake again for 3 minutes and let it to cool
2. To make the pastry cream , boil milk and flavour in a sauce pan, in another bowl blanchir yolks , corn flour and sugar. Temper it with milk and cook everything together till thick. Let it cool well. And use for filling take 100 g pastry cream add whipped cream to make it light for the topping.
3. Now cut the baked puff in desired shape of the ring and keep at the bottom of ring and fill pastry cream.Repeat 3 times finishing the top layer with a puff.
4. For the topping pipe the light cream and decorate with fruits or vanilla bean.

Points to note:
* Cook the pastry cream well by continuously stirring , so that it doesn’t stick to the pan and burn.
* Remember to bake the puff with weight , as you don’t want it to rise .

Ideas/serving suggestions/decorations:
1. Can also fill some berries inside the layers along with pastry cream.
2. Can also make pastry cream flavoured with rum , lemon , hazelnut, chocolate , coffee as per your choice.
3. Can also decorate with icing sugar designs only.

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