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Ladies, the clock is springing ahead an hour, and what better way to get a dreamy look this season that with sleep masks to ensure a good night’s rest. Well, Daylight Saving Time, is the initial sign of spring which kicks in soon. A welcome relief for many, with temperatures comparatively balmy, the instant difference we will feel would be the loss of one hour of precious sleep. Honestly, we all want beautiful skin, but do we really have the time to invest and pamper ourselves? And to ensure a deep, restorative 40 winks in less than eight hours, we can turn to a cult-favourite sleep mask. To block the world out each night, a sleep mask is the ultimate indulgence and a great compliment to your skincare routine. Forget spending hours every week nourishing and working on improving your skin tone; just sleep on it and wake up to superb skin. It’s not called beauty sleep for nothing, right? After all the best time to treat your skin is during the night. Here is your shortcut to a bright-eyed and radiant morning.

Sleeping masks or sleeping packs or leave-on masks are a great way to intensely hydrate your skin as you snooze the night away. In short, for gloomy mornings when you’ve pressed snooze a few more times than you should have, sleeping masks the complexion enlivener is a saviour, and you may find you need a bit less base than usual too. The sleeping masks are only used once or twice a week, in place of a usual night cream. Beauty sleeping masks are the rage, it is a fairly new concept and most people shy away from it for the fear that they may wake up with a face-print of goo on their pillowcases. Fret not, the fact is that sleeping masks are not at all messy and rather easy to swear by! Night time, when you’re sleeping and at most relaxed, is the ideal time for face masks and bring back the beauty in your skin. 

A nickel sized amount massaged into your skin, which gets quickly absorbed on application. And voila, the invigorating results of these overnight treatments are addicting to say the least, besides your skin looks and feels softer, brighter and rested. However, a word of caution some common skincare ingredients like glycolic acid and salicylic acids are not good for our skin for prolonged periods, hence check your sleeping mask labels or formula to ensure you are using the apt ingredients. Also if you are have super sensitive irritated skin, acne prone or prone to irritation from added fragrances or synthetics opt for the ones which are non-comedogenic or formulated for the sensitive skin type. There are countless options in a sleeping mask for almost all skin types or your requirements- acne, dehydration, sensitive, dull or ageing skin types so take your pick accordingly! Just remember to do an allergy patch test before you beauty sleep on it. 

Top Tips to an Overnight Sleeping Mask Treatment.

1. Skin deep hydration- Your skin is parched dry a day’s work, you could be spending our time in the office or outdoor, so to quench your skin’s thirst an overnight hydrating face mask for fresh, dewy replenished skin.  

2. Soothe and pamper your face- You may subject your skin to a lot of damage when you are away from home. Dust, pollution, makeup, bad eating, everyday stress impact your skin, leaving it dull and lifeless. Daily exposure to the world outside clogs your pores and gradually builds a layer of dead cells. An overnight face mask gently exfoliates your skin while you sleep, goes deep within and restores the protective moisture barrier besides it also preps your skin for next day’s onslaught. 

3. Repair daily skin damage- Pampering your skin with some essential vitamins is on your agenda, here the sleeping masks with healing ingredients allow them to work their magic overnight. The vitamins will undo the damage caused by the sun and dust, leaving behind fresher, brighter and more youthful skin. 

4. Obviously the natural way to benefit from beauty sleep is to make sure that you clock in enough hours in the first place, but also look out for free from parabens, silicones, mineral oil and synthetic fragrance, or any undesirable ingredients, to give your skin the instant sweet relief besides will do it the world of good.

5. Always apply the mask on clean, washed skin. Clogged skin will not allow the mask to penetrate deep inside. Cover the entire face and neck with generous doze of the mask. Massage it gently so it gets absorbed into your skin thoroughly. Keep in mind to apply the mask at least thirty minutes prior to sleeping lest you smear it on your pillow.

DIY Sleeping Mask with Natural Ingredients

A soothing, clearing and balancing tea tree oil mixed with potato juice can be a skin miracle. So brew 1-2 tea bags for about ten minutes, cool it and mix two tablespoons of green tea with equal amounts of potato juice and apply it on your face, neck and leave it on. 
A glow mask, take equal amounts of chamomile tea and oatmeal then gring together. Now, add about two tablespoonful of honey and just two drops of almond oil and blend all the ingredients into a thorough mixture. Apply it on your face after a wash and you’ll love way your skin feels morning after.

Skin Expert Suzy Watson tells us why it will not be an added effort and a good addition to your skincare says, ‘ For the eight hours that you are sleeping, you could also be working on your skin and that’s when sleeping masks come into play to rescue drenched skin. Dehydrated skin occurs when your skin lacks water, its not about the oil, so you need to guzzle down litres of water and most importantly hydrate your skin topically that help your skin retain water and moisture. They are masks that don’t require any rinsing off, which is why you can wear them while sleeping. Leave-on masks are supposed to stay on the skin for hours hence they do not contain any harsh active ingredients that would cause moderate to severe irritation if left on the skin. The primary use of the skin masks is overnight hydration, the extra benefits. Leave-on sleeping masks tend to contain intense hydrators with anti-aging, brightening ingredients. Add it to your weekly regime with your go-to moisturiser. They are ideal for providing deep moisture, and the ones with antioxidants can leave your skin glowing and renewed in the morning. Also most of these masks come in gel-like formulas to boost the penetration of the ingredients and maximise overnight benefits.’

So what are you waiting for, slather on a sleeping mask and say hello to overnight gorgeousness!

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