Snoop Dogg labels Mary Berry ‘my homegirl’, Bake Off ‘the greatest show on TV’


Who doesn’t love The Great British Bake Off? Not Snoop Dogg, that’s for sure.

Keeping his street cred might not obviously go hand in hand with the genteel art of baking, but that hasn’t held Snoop back from labelling it “the greatest show on TV”.

That’s right, the man behind Drop It Like It’s Hot may well be dedicating those lyrics to his own kitchen exploits these days.

He told the Star On Sunday: “Bake Off is one of the greatest shows on TV. I guess people might be a little shocked to hear me say that, but people are seeing a different side to me these days.”

Snoop is set to host his own cookery show alongside Martha Stewart on US TV and admitted he’d been watching Bake Off “for inspiration”, but one judge in particular had caught his eye.

Talking about Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry, he said: “Those guys kill it every season. You want to learn from the best.

“The guy is cool but it’s all about my homegirl Mary. You know she is the boss. I would love to meet up with her and get some tips.”

Previously more famous for getting baked than baking, Snoop also lifted the lid on the secret ingredient to his signature bake.

“You know, I have been known to do a little baking in my time. I guess you could say my speciality was brownies, just maybe not the kind Mary Berry is used to.”

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