Sparks fly on Love Island as Casa Amor reunites with main villa

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Sparks will fly on Love Island when the residents of Casa Amor are reunited with the occupants of the main villa.

In scenes that will air on Thursday night, contestants have to decide if they want to stick with their original partner or recouple with one of the new arrivals.

The relationships have been tested over recent days as the girls and boys have been separated in different houses, with new arrivals coming in to tempt them.

Shaughna Phillips has admitted she is terrified of what Callum Jones is getting up to in the rival villa, where he has taken a shine to new arrival Molly Smith.

She says: “I’m so scared about putting that trust into someone.”

Paige Turley replies: “Everybody is.”

Shaughna’s distress over the situation had prompted 35 complaints from viewers to watchdog Ofcom.

In Casa Amor, Paige’s partner, Finn Tapp, says: “If I enter that villa and she’s (Paige) single, I would feel like, I’ve come here to find someone and I’ve found it 100%.”

He adds: “I’m really hoping Paige has stuck with me – it’s just waiting, waiting to see the outcome.”

Meanwhile, Luke Trotman has stayed faithful to Siannise Fudge and says: “It will probably make it clear that we’re exclusive.”

Nas Majeed predicts: “This is going to be a fiery one.”

Host Laura Whitmore will be there to oversee the dramatic recoupling, telling the girls in the main villa: “I’m now going to ask you one by one if you’d like to stick with your current partner, who’s been living in Casa Amor for the last few days, or if you’d like to recouple with one of these boys standing in front of you.

“The boys have also had to make the decision of whether to stick with you, or recouple with one of the girls in Casa Amor.”

“Remember, Casa Amor is the ultimate relationship test. Girls, it’s time to make your decisions and find out what the boys have decided to do.”

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