By Deborah Thomas

The speed dating phenomenon is sweeping across UK like wild fire. With the rate of singles getting higher especially in big cities the options of getting a good relationship amongst singles are getting slimmer. The days of meeting a love match at a family and friends social gatherings are over.

The rise of social media has cut down the possibilities of meaningful relationships in developed countries. The society is now enslaved by the rise of technology and the rise of so many insane Apps now substitutes girlfriends and boyfriends.



Speed dating can easily turn into a script from a horror movie. 3 minutes of moving from one candidate to the next until you get your match is insane. It is impossible to get to know another person well enough to start a relationship in less than 5 minutes. Looks could be very deceptive and you have to remember that this is a real life situation and not the movie ‘Hitch’. You could be sitting in front of a serial stalker, a thief or even a murderer.


Attending speed dating on a regular basis can possibly destabilise your emotions according to experts. Attending this bizarre event on a regular basis can damage one’s self esteem. You don’t have to believe the experts to know that sitting in front of lots of strangers that you know nothing about is bound to have some negative effect on your outlook towards life.


Are there any benefits to this crazy event? Absolutely none except if you are a thrill seeker just wanting to participate for fun. Perhaps you are bored and feel you need to play this horrid game.

Tips To Finding Romance

Looking for a real relationship? Chances of meeting the love of your life at a speed dating event is 1 million to one! Speed dating is a sad and desperate way to meeting someone responsible.

1. Make New Friends:

Friendship is the first step into any meaningful relationship and to get this going, you will have to ditch the social media and start meeting people the good old fashioned way – Face to Face.

2. Sign Up For An Activity:

Get registered into a group activity that you will enjoy and meet other like minded individuals. There are several activities to choose from ranging from art, music, fitness events, cooking holidays, wine tasting or book clubs.

3. Be More Social:

Social gatherings arranged by friends, family or work colleagues: This is usually the best way to meeting somebody genuine.

4. Get A Makeover:

Out with the old and in with the new is a popular saying? Getting a makeover will boost your self esteem and also will get you noticed too. It’s time to change those granddad glasses and get new trendy ones. You don’t have to be a fashionista to look good and also always remember less is more. A good makeover does not have to break the bank and little changes like wearing uplifting colours can go along way. Or just simply changing your hairstyle and shoes will make a difference.

5. Don’t Stress:

Love and happiness should not a stressful task, so perhaps you should slow down your pedals and let this happen naturally. The best relationships happen this way.


  1. Recent news show figures of high increase in rapes from Internet dating, so you can imagine speed dating must be worse.

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