By Deborah Thomas

It can be overwhelming when starting a raw food diet since you may not be sure what to eat, what to buy, and if you should jump right in and go 100% raw or ease into it. To make the decision and transition easier, here are a few FAQs and tips that can get you started with raw food.

What Exactly Is A Raw Food Diet?

Contrary to popular belief, a raw food diet doesn’t have to be 100% raw at every meal. It’s simply a diet that consists of vegan (plant based) and whole foods that are eaten 75% of the time.

This often brings relief to potential raw fooders since this means they can still eat some of their favorite cooked foods. For example, simply make 3 of your 4 meals raw and the 4th one can be cooked. Or, when serving a meal you can have 3 raw food choices and one cooked. This makes it easier for many people to follow a raw food health plan.

Why Follow This Type Of Diet?

Those who are interested in or choose to follow a raw food diet do so because it’s said to be one of the healthiest choices. It’s also a good way to detox, and is excellent for weight loss. Many raw food followers have reported renewed energy and clearer thinking, and lessening or complete elimination of various health complaints.

By eating more raw vegetables, fruits, sprouts, seeds and nuts every day it can improve your overall health since you’ll be cutting back on prepackaged foods, fast-foods, processed foods, meat, dairy and sugar.

Getting Started

1. The key to starting a raw food diet is to slowly incorporate raw foods into your meals then finding a level you can live with. Some people may feel wonderful on a 100% raw diet, while others might find that too restrictive and aim for a 50/50 ratio of raw food to cooked food.

2. Buy a good juicer and start juicing fruits and vegetables. By doing this you’re getting all of the vitamins, enzymes, minerals and more that are contained in these raw foods. Juicing is said to be an excellent way to quickly boost the immune system and your energy levels. It’s much easier to drink a glass of freshly prepared juice than several fruits and vegetables all at once.

3. Whenever possible buy organic foods since these aren’t loaded with pesticides, waxes and chemicals to make them look better.

Starting a raw food diet can be easy and the health benefits should pay off quickly. How long you choose to follow it is up to you, though you may find that you feel so much better following this lifestyle that you won’t go back to your previous eating habits.



  1. Being a vegan makes it so easy to get on a raw diet and besides I lost some weight in 4 months already and eating health semi raw food has really helped.

  2. Starting this weekend because i am on a weight shedding mission to get into those hot pants this summer.

  3. You are right, i feel a kind of renewed energy and also i don’t feel as bloated after meals anymore

  4. Raw foods are great for your well being and it’s always recommended to mix this with a weight loss diet for some visible results.

  5. Ever since going vegan, i have dropped 5 pounds and really feel healthier. Love raw veggies and this is part of my weekly meal plan.

  6. Actually, i can see changes already and i started this raw diest a fortnight ago

  7. Do you have any books published? I would buy please, send me a link to the book site. Thank yopu

  8. For the last 2 months, I have been on a semi-food raw diet and I have lost 8 pounds. This really works and I am sticking to it.

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