Stormzy says he wants to marry ex-girlfriend Maya Jama

Stormzy and Maya Jama have split since August 2019

Stormzy has said that he wants to marry his ex-girlfriend Maya Jama.

He added that he “wholeheartedly” loves her and wants “to do all the things” to make their relationship work.

Speaking to Charlamagne Tha God in a YouTube interview, Stormzy branded the TV presenter a “star girl” and “an amazing woman”, adding: “I want to marry her.”

He said that Jama is “the first woman I properly loved” and the experience had been a big “learning curve”.

“I love her more than anything, I’ve never loved anyone how I love her.”

Stormzy added that his former girlfriend, who he separated from last year, “appreciated” his song Lessons, in which the grime artist sings about his regrets over the end of their relationship.

“She understood it, I think she appreciated the effort of me trying to take accountability,” he said.

Stormzy said that after their relationship had ended he “publicly” disrespected the presenter, adding: “A public disrespect needs a public apology.

“We were the most public relationship in Britain, apart from Harry and Meghan.”

He said that Lessons was “all the song could be called”.

The rapper also dismissed suggestions that he had cheated on Jama, saying: “It wasn’t cheating, I didn’t cheat but it didn’t need to be cheating to be disrespectful.”

Making the song helped him to come to terms with the end of the relationship, he said, adding: “I needed to say all that, I needed to do all of that to get this off my chest.

“I have always heard artists talk about music as therapy for them.”

After making the song he said he realised that “this is what they’re talking about”, adding: “As an artist, my flipping main tool in terms of getting my truth out is making music.”

Stormzy, 26, and Jama started dating in January 2015 after meeting in October 2014.

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