Summer Salads


Ditch the pre-made grocery store salad bags, instead say hello to fresh, easy, colourful and pretty enough summer salad recipes for everyday lunch or a party. These are light salads with a big taste, besides they pack nutrients essential to the body. Folks, go beyond the standard bowl of lettuce and salad dressings, include unique pairings ideal for a sweet- savory meal side. We guarantee that the salad enthusiasts and the lettuce-averse will want to make it their go-to summer salads this season. Get set wow your guests or include them in your summer meals; or eaten al fresco. 

Nitin Jain, Executive Sous Chef from Radisson Blu MBD, Noida gives us two customizable and delicious treats. 



  1. Iceberg Lettuce 100g
  2. Lollorosso Lettuce 60g
  3. Green Leafy Lettuce 60g
  4. Onions 50g
  5. Red Capsicum 60g
  6. Yellow Capsicum 60g
  7. Olives (Seedless) 50g
  8. Tomato 50g
  9. Orange Segments 100g
  10. Boiled Chicken 100g
  11. Parmesan Flakes 20g
  12. Canned Artichokes 40g
  13. Zucchini (Both) 60g
  14. Seasoning (Salt n Pepper)

* Orange Dressing
* Olive Oil E.V. 50ml
* Orange Juice 100ml
* Seasoning t/t
* Lemon Juice 10 Ml

* Prepare orange dressing by reducing orange juice one third, cool and mix all in blander with little seasoning and lemon juice.
* Prepare capsicum by deseeding and roast with little oil and seasoning.
* Blanch Zucchini after removing excess seeds and cut into thick juliennes.
* Cut artichokes into wedges, wash with running water.
* Take out some parmesan flakes.
* Clean lettuce and toss with Orange dressing.
* Mix in all the prepared vegetables, tomato, olives and finish with parmesan flakes.

Guava & Iceberg Salad with Cream cheese dressing

Ingredients – Serves 4
* Guava 400g
* Iceberg lettuce 200g
* Salt 15g
* Pepper 5g

For Cream Cheese Dressing:
* Philadelphia Cream cheese 100g
* Lemon juice – 10g
* Extra virgin Olive Oil – 10g
* Chop parsley 10g
* Salt – 5g
* Pepper – 5g
* Chives – 10g
* Chop garlic – 5gm
For Garnish:
* Cherry tomato
* Fresh Chives sprig

Preparation and Cooking
Cut & marinate guava with salt and pepper.

For Cream Cheese dressing:
* Mix all Ingredients together except Cream cheese.
* Blend it well.
* Soften cream cheese and mix with other ingredients.
* Assembly the plate.
* In Mixing Bowl put guava and ice berg lettuce and pour cream cheese dressing according to taste.
* Place salad in pasta plate and garnish with Cherry tomato and chive sprig.

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