Syrian forces ‘clear explosives and booby-traps’ in evacuated east Aleppo


Syrian army experts are dismantling explosives and booby-traps left behind by rebels before they left the last neighbourhoods they held in the northern city of Aleppo, according to state TV.

A correspondent in Aleppo said mining experts entered the neighbourhoods of Ansari, Sukkari and Amiriyeh early on Friday, beginning their work in main streets to open them.

The Syrian government took full control of Aleppo yesterday for the first time in four years after the last opposition fighters and civilians were transported out of war-ravaged eastern districts, sealing the end of the rebellion’s most important stronghold.

The evacuations ended a brutal chapter in Syria’s nearly six-year civil war, allowing President Bashar Assad to regain full authority over the country’s largest city and former commercial hub.

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