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Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Donald Trump warns of ‘consequences’ for American flag burners

Donald Trump says that anyone who burns an American flag should face unspecified "consequences", such as jail or a loss of citizenship. The president-elect's tweet...

T-Mobile in America is giving free data to Pokemon Go players

Pokemon Go is great, and everything, but even its most adamant defenders would struggle to argue with two things. The first: battery life. Pokemon Go...

Barack Obama urges American parents to educate children on gun danger

American President Barack Obama has asked American parents to speak to their children about the dangers of guns. The U.S president made the comments in...

Talks in Vienna today to discuss Iran’s nuclear programme

Iran's nuclear programme is set to top the agenda at talks in Vienna today. Representatives - will meet with EU and American counterparts to discuss...

Quentin Tarantino says Confederate flag is the ‘American swastika’

Quentin Tarantino considers the Confederate flag the “American swastika” – and feels it is “about damn time” people questioned its place in the American...

America celebrates July 4 with hot dogs and barbecues amid tightened security

Americans marched in star-spangled parades, ran relay races, gathered for fireworks shows and crowned a new world hot dog eating champion as they celebrated...

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