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Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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A portable CT scanner will allow brain specialists to treat patients at their bedside

Brain specialists at a UK hospital are the first in Europe to provide life-saving resuscitation, imaging and surgery at patients’ bedsides. Clinicians on the neurointensive...

Express Mind Detox

By Deborah Thomas The mind is very powerful and it is the seat of human consciousness. The mind in itself is an entity where experience...

Medics ‘over the moon’ with progress of brain cancer boy Ashya King

The woman in charge of the medical centre in Prague that treated brain cancer survivor Ashya King has said she is “over the moon”...

Katie Hopkins fears she might die during brain surgery to cure her epilepsy

Katie Hopkins has spoken of her fear that she may die during brain surgery to cure her epilepsy. The 40-year-old former Apprentice TV show contender...

Brain Overload – Slow Down, Decongest & Reset

By Deborah Thomas Having a very demanding job with crazy schedules can become a health hazard, especially with the fast moving world of technology with...

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