Brain Overload – Slow Down, Decongest & Reset


By Deborah Thomas

Having a very demanding job with crazy schedules can become a health hazard, especially with the fast moving world of technology with access to vast amount of overwhelming information. Constant sitting in front of a screen at work, addiction to social media and texting non-stop could damage your eyes.

That being said, doing too much permanently without taking adequate breaks can lead to a build up of stress, which can lead to a mental meltdown. This explains why you find so many city professionals having breakdowns because of having to work under acute stress in a highly geared environment.

The signs of a brain overload can be hard to notice until the stress gets really serious. When this happens and you find yourself forgetting the simplest things, loosing the ability to think straight or constantly making mistakes. Then panic and confusion sets in if you don’t take time out. It’s time to slow down, decongest and reset.

Here are some great tips for overcoming a brain overload:

1.Get Enough Sleep:


Nothing beats a good night sleep after a hard day’s work. Getting the daily recommended 7 to 8 hours of sleep will get the brain recover from the stresses of a hectic lifestyle.

2.Technology Detox:

We are surrounded with so much technology and sadly these can take a negative toll on one’s life. Our lives are consumed with so much technology that it has become difficult to live without our smart phones, ipads and mini gadgets. Occasional weekend technology detox off computers, social media and smart phones will be refreshing for the brain.

3.Take a holiday:

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A good holiday or vacation is time to relax and totally wind down. Doing something different from your regular routine can be the perfect diversion needed to be rid of stress.
– Stay away from those work emails during your holiday to ensure you really get out of the work mode and enjoy yourself.
– Engage in fun activities that will stimulate your brain without pressure.
– Get a medical check up. Getting back to work after a relaxing holiday will be the perfect reset to a fresh start.

4. Relaxing Exercises:


You have to be physically fit to be mentally fit. Simple regular exercises stretching, jogging or long walks relax the muscles and place the mind in a good state of equilibrium.

5. Good Diet:


Eating healthy is generally beneficial to living a healthy lifestyle. Eating more foods that will boost your brainpower hence relieving brain overload. Remember the brain also requires good nutrients to function well. Top brainpower foods

– Wholegrain for steady supply of energy that will give the ability to concentrate and focus.
– Oily Fish contain omega-3 naturally in the form of EPA and DHA. These are good for a healthy heart and brain function.
– Broccoli is a great source of vitamin K, which improves brainpower and enhances awareness and thinking.
– Tomato is a super brainpower booster. It contains lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that has so many benefits. It helps in the prevention of the development of dementia

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