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Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Chemical Weapons

Syria still has stockpile of chemical weapons, US defence secretary warns

Syria still possesses chemical weapons, US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis has said as he warned against the banned munitions being used again. Speaking in Tel...

Britain and France seeking to punish Syrian regime for ‘use of chemical weapons’

UN ambassadors from Britain and France have said they will seek to punish members of the Syrian regime implicated in the use of chemical...

Russia ‘to provide samples’ in Aleppo chemical weapon probe

Russia has offered to provide samples linked to alleged chemical weapon use in the Syrian city of Aleppo to the international chemical weapons watchdog. The...

Islamic State ’pursuing development of chemical weapons’, security chiefs say

The Islamic State group is aggressively pursuing development of chemical weapons, setting up a branch dedicated to research and experiments with the help of...

Extremists could use chemical weapons, French PM warns

French prime minister Manuel Valls has warned that Islamic extremists might at some point use chemical or biological weapons as he urged politicians to...

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