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Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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Syrian rebels suspend talks with Government over ceasefire violations

Syrian rebel groups say they are suspending talks ahead of planned peace negotiations later this month because of what they describe as continuing government...

Airstrikes and shelling kill 11 in Aleppo, bringing death toll there to 65 in past three days

Shelling and more than a dozen airstrikes on rebel-held parts of Aleppo have reportedly killed at least 11 people in Syria. Rebel shelling of government-held...

Ceasefire agreed in rebel-held suburb of Syrian capital

A ceasefire has been agreed between government forces and rebel factions in a key rebel-held Damascus suburb, Syrian state TV and opposition activists said. Under...

300 workers ‘abducted by IS’ near Damascus

Islamic State militants have kidnapped 300 cement workers and contractors in an area north-east of Damascus, Syrian state TV said. The report said the workers...

Islamic State car bomb in Syrian capital kills 10

A suicide car bomber dispatched by the Islamic State group struck near a police officers’ club in the Syrian capital, killing at least 10...

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