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Donald Trump praises EU’s Ursula von der Leyen as ‘very tough negotiator’

President Donald Trump said he hears European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is a “very tough negotiator”, but said he hoped the US...

Refugee tells World Economic Forum of the plight of the displaced

Mohammed Hassan Mohamud, who has been a refugee in Kenya for two decades, gave an impassioned plea to the political and business elites gathered...

Donald Trump cancels Davos trip because of government shutdown

President Donald Trump has said he is cancelling his trip to Davos, Switzerland because of the partial government shutdown, now in its 20th day. He...

UK ‘open for business’, May tells World Economic Forum

British Prime Minister Theresa May has told world leaders and corporate chiefs that the UK remains "open for business" despite its decision to leave...

No winners in global trade war, Chinese President warns

China has warned that no one will emerge a winner in a global trade war. Chinese President Xi Jinping has defended globalisation at the World...

David Cameron confident UK will stay in European Union if reform deal struck

David Cameron insisted he is “confident” the UK will remain in a reformed European Union if he gets the deal he is seeking for...

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