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Monday, December 11, 2023
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Nothing found after US-bound flight returns to Greek airport over security scare

Nothing suspicious was found after a US-bound flight was ordered to return to Greece over a security scare, authorities said. The plane and passengers were...

‘Threat’ made against London-to-New Jersey BA flight

Airport police have received an unspecified threat about a flight from London that landed in New Jersey. The flight, carrying 206 passengers and 13 crew...

Round-the-world solar plane back in air after stop at home of Wright Brothers

A solar-powered airplane has taken off from the Ohio home town of America aviation pioneers Wilbur and Orville Wright on the latest leg of...

Debris found along Mozambique coast ‘almost certainly from MH370’

Two pieces of debris discovered along the coast of Mozambique are "highly likely" to have come from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, Australian authorities...

‘Toilet bomb’ found on Air France plane in emergency landing

An Air France flight from Mauritius to Paris has made an emergency landing in Mombasa, Kenya, after a suspected bomb was found in the...

Ryanair becomes first airline to carry 10 million international passengers in one month

Budget carrier Ryanair said it became the first airline to fly more than 10 million international passengers in a month as its customer service...

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