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Doctor behind ‘gene-edited babies’ acted on his own, says China

Chinese investigators say the doctor behind the reported birth of two babies whose genes had been edited in the hope of making them resistant...

Scientist behind gene editing claims second pregnancy under way

A Chinese researcher who claims to have helped make the world’s first genetically-edited babies has said a second pregnancy may be under way. The researcher,...

Chinese scientist claims he created world’s first genetically edited babies

A Chinese researcher claims he helped make the world’s first genetically edited babies — twin girls whose DNA he said he altered with a...

Crispr-Cas9: The gene editing tool scientists used to successfully alter DNA in defective embryos

A landmark study has raised the prospect of Britain pioneering the use of human embryo gene editing to eradicate inherited diseases. Scientists in the...

Scientists have created gene-edited pigs that are immune to a major disease

Gene-edited pigs that seem to be immune to one of the industry’s biggest diseases, PRRS, have been created by scientists at the University of...

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