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Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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Singapore seizes tonnes of elephant tusks and pangolin scales

Singapore has seized about 12 tonnes of pangolin scales belonging to about 2,000 of the endangered mammals, and nearly nine tonnes of elephant ivory. The...

African elephant poaching rates declining

Elephant poaching rates in Africa are declining, new analysis suggests. The annual poaching mortality rate fell from a high of more than 10% in 2011...

422 elephant tusk pieces seized in Thailand

Thai authorities have seized 422 elephant tusk pieces and arrested a Gambian man suspected of smuggling the ivory into Bangkok's main airport. The tusks were...

Vietnam destroys ivory from 330 elephants and 23 rhinos killed by poachers

Vietnamese authorities have destroyed more than two tonnes of seized elephant ivory and rhino horns ahead of a key international conference on wildlife trafficking. The...

Kenya burns ivory from more than 8,000 elephants in protest against trade

Kenya's president has set fire to 105 tons of elephant ivory and more than one ton of rhino horn in a dramatic statement against...

Kenya to burn stacks of ivory in bid to protect elephants

Kenyan wildlife officers have started stacking 105 tons of ivory and one ton of rhino horns to make 12 towers which are to be...

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