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Friday, July 30, 2021
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Malaysia open to proposals to resume MH370 hunt

Malaysia is open to proposals to resume the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, as families of passengers marked the fifth anniversary of the...

Debris found ‘almost certainly’ from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Malaysia says two more pieces of debris found in the Indian Ocean were "almost certainly" from Flight 370, which disappeared more than two years...

Debris found along Mozambique coast ‘almost certainly from MH370’

Two pieces of debris discovered along the coast of Mozambique are "highly likely" to have come from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, Australian authorities...

Teenager finds possible MH370 plane debris on Mozambique beach

A teenager may have found part of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 on a beach in Mozambique. Casper Lotter said his son Liam found the...

Families plead for search to continue for missing Flight 370

The families of those who were aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 have appealed to authorities to continue searching for the plane, which vanished two...

MH370 Probe: Wing fragment did come from missing jet, say French experts

An aircraft wing fragment washed ashore on the Indian Ocean island of Reunion came from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which disappeared more than a...

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