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Sunday, May 29, 2022
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Mount Everest

China to draw ‘separation line’ on peak of Mount Everest

China will draw a “separation line” at the top of Mount Everest to prevent coronavirus from being spread by climbers ascending Nepal’s side of...

Increase in Mount Everest permits ‘costing lives’

Nepal’s reluctance to limit the number of permits it issues to scale Mount Everest has contributed to dangerous overcrowding, with inexperienced climbers impeding others...

Nepal expecting surge of Everest climbers after China restricts access

Nepal is expecting more climbers to try to scale its side of Mount Everest in coming weeks after China said it would limit attempts...

Nepal to create free WiFi zones on Mt. Everest

The state-run Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) has revealed plans to create free WiFi zones at the base camp of Mt. Everest, as noted in...

Finally! Free WiFi is on its way to Mount Everest

Ever travelled to the foot of Mount Everest and cursed not being able to Snapchat the experience? Well, now you will be able to,...

Rescuers recover body of climber from Mount Everest

A helicopter has retrieved the body of a Dutch climber who died last week on Mount Everest and attempts are being made to recover...

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