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Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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San Diego

Nine people suffered major injuries in US border crash that killed 13

Nine migrants in an SUV packed with 25 people suffered major injuries after their vehicle slammed into a lorry and killed 13 others inside,...

Trump calls new border wall a ‘world-class security system’

President Donald Trump has signed his name on a newly constructed section of the US-Mexico border wall, calling it a “world-class security system” that...

Hollywood and superfans to collide at Comic-Con San Diego

Hollywood heavyweights will brush up against costume-wearing superfans at Comic-Con in San Diego. Casts from TV shows such as Dr Who, Game Of Thrones, Twin...

Gunman firing from apartment complex near San Diego Airport

All departures and arrivals at San Diego International Airport in California have been stopped. Police say a gunman has been firing from inside a nearby...

Comic-Con 2015: Ryan Reynolds shows off Deadpool trailer (Sort of)

Ryan Reynolds has brought Comic-Con to its feet after a sneak peek of the new Deadpool movie was screened. The Canadian actor, who will reprise...

Star Wars to take over Comic-Con 2015

Star Wars director JJ Abrams will unveil “a special look” at the new film at Comic-Con. The filmmaker, who is directing the seventh episode Star...

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