Comic-Con 2015: Ryan Reynolds shows off Deadpool trailer (Sort of)

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds has brought Comic-Con to its feet after a sneak peek of the new Deadpool movie was screened.

The Canadian actor, who will reprise his role as Wade Wilson and his Marvel anti-hero alter-ego, was joined by co-stars Gina Carano, Brianna Hildebrand, TJ Miller, Morena Bacccarin and Ed Skrein in Hall H at the San Diego Convention Centre on July 11.

The foul-mouthed trailer shown was such a hit that audiences demanded that the footage be shown a second time.

Ryan thanked fans for “pressuring the studio” and “twisting their friggin’ arms”, saying: “I think this character inhabits a space in the comic universe that no character can or will ever inhabit,” he said.

“I think it’s an absolute miracle that a studio let us make Deadpool, let alone a rated-R Deadpool. No matter what the rating, babies will love this.”

Homeland actress Morena, who plays Wade’s love interest and fellow mutant Copycat, added: “You don’t get to read many superhero movies that have a badass romantic lead. She gives him lip right back, not always the talking part. She’s the perfect match to his crassness.”

The footage was leaked online afterwards, and Ryan was quick to deny that was an official move.

TJ, who plays Deadpool’s friend Jack Hammer/Weasel, said the film’s director Tim Miller gave him and Ryan freedom to improvise.

“I’m there for the comedy so he totally let Ryan and I riff. We were really allowed to do what we do, which is the comedy,” he explained, adding: “It’s good, I’m really excited to see it.”

Deadpool marks the big-screen debut for Brianna Hildebrand, who portrays Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

“This was my first movie so I kinda jumped in, not knowing what to expect, but it was all fun and great,” she said. “The hardest part was probably memorising my lines because everyone was so great.

The biggest surprise was how much we use green screens. It really surprised me what goes into CGI but it’s really impressive.”

Channing Tatum, who plays Gambit in a Marvel spin-off movie, comics book creator Stan Lee and X-Men star James McAvoy – who was at Comic-Con for his new movie Frankenstein – made surprise appearances at the panel, resulting in a rather unexpected star-studded selfie.

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