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Friday, December 2, 2022
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Expert who found Wannacry kill switch arrested in different malware probe

Marcus Hutchins, the British computer expert who helped shut down the world-wide Wannacry cyber attack, has been charged with creating banking malware. The Wannacry...

Bitcoins gathered by the WannaCry hackers have been withdrawn from their digital wallets

More than £100,000 of digital currency bitcoin paid to hackers by victims of the WannaCry ransomware attack has been withdrawn from their online wallets....

Experts question North Korea role in WannaCry cyber attack

Experts are questioning whether North Korea was behind the WannaCry cyber attack amid suggestions it does not fit the pattern of previous hacks blamed...

China, where 70% of computers run unlicensed software, was ‘vulnerable’ to ransomware attack

China's fondness for pirated software left it especially vulnerable to the latest global cyberattack. Beijing has tolerated rampant use of unlicensed software copies despite repeated...

WannaCry cyber attack ‘accidental hero’ fears for his safety

The British IT expert who slowed the spread of the WannaCry global cyber attack now fears for his safety. The security researcher, who is 22,...

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