Thank God it’s Friday



Do you struggle with smart casual on dress down Fridays or at the weekend? Is Friday dress down day in your office?  Do you understand what smart casual means? Well, the corporate welcome weekends with their Friday Dressing! Even in offices with the strictest of dress codes, the end of the week tends to be considerably laid-back as everyone moves into weekend mode. However, Casual Fridays, does not give you an option to show up to work in torn jeans and your favorite faded tee. After all, even though it’s Friday, you still have to maintain the professional attitude at office. And because what’s deemed to be casual will vary from job to job and you certainly need to be cautious while deciding your look for Fridays. It is time to customize your winter wardrobe in style and add a dash of colour with a hint of flavour. Look chic & stylish, rock dress down Friday ladies, with these fab ideas for outfits.

Here, you’ll learn a few tips for dressing to impress on Casual Friday. 

avirate-graphic-monochrome-maxi-dress_rs-4000Sweater Dress
Fuzzy, warm, and a bit minimalistic take on the sweater dress. Styled with a cowl-neck, the dress is the easiest way to achieve the effortlessly chic work-to-weekend look. It looks perfect with a pair of flats for a day at the office.

Jacket and pants
Sports jackets in earthy tones like brown and khaki and neutral colors like black and grey, matched with a variety of shirts and pants, you would never have to ask for tips on styling. You can either go more conservative with a plain jacket, or a bit more stylish with tweed or an equally textured fabric. 

Stylish blazers 
These fashion staples are always an office “do.” Whether they’re worn with casual slacks, jeans, trousers or skirts, blazers go a long way in spicing up office attire for both men and women. For starters, they immediately add an element of class to any outfit and make you look “put together.” Pairing a well-fitted black blazer with light-coloured pants is the best option. Blazers are also great casual Friday selections because they look professional without appearing stiff. To transition your blazer from winter to resort, invest in a lightweight, cotton option.

avirate-sheer-shrug-with-waterfall-sequinned-front_rs-2324-1Points to look out for while dressing yourself up:

  1. Use color. Neutrals like light gray, beiges, creams, and soft pastels are great in this situation. Add a pop of color to a more subdued outfit with a bright scarf or fun pumps for women and check mufflers and loafers for men. 
  2. Go with skirts or pants. There’s no need to wear a power suit in a business casual setting, so you can mix up what you’re wearing. Tailored slacks with a nice blouse or a pencil skirt with a crisp button-up work fabulously for women. For men, corduroy works best on Fridays. Team them up with a button up semi- casual shirt for an easy and playful day at work.
  3. Show your sense of style…to an extent. Artsy occupations usually allow more room for creativity, but even an accounting office can use some style. Keep it tame by stacking some bracelets or watches or wearing a statement necklace. Don’t be afraid to be you, but don’t forget your professionalism.
  4. Be more comfortable. If you’re not a fan of sky-high heels, kitten heels or dressy flats are great for your business casual office. Match them with cropped pants, a button-up, and a cute vest and you’re good to go!

Happy Friday everyone!

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