The Queen’s Coffin Makes Final Journey To Westminster Palace

The Queen’s Coffin

Her Majesty The Queen made her final journey today from The Buckingham Palace to The Westminster Palace where she will Lie-in-State until the morning of the state funeral This 500-mile journey began from Balmoral Castle to Buckingham Palace and finally today ended at The Westminster Palace.

The ceremonial procession of her Majesty The Queen’s coffin began from Buckingham Palace today with King Charles III and his sons Princes William and Harry, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward walking behind the coffin.

The ceremonial procession of the Queen’s coffin

It was a remarkable event with thousands of people lining the procession streets in London all the way to the Mall. Earlier on in Hyde Park, at 2.22pm, the ceremonial procession of the Queen’s coffin was marked with a 38 Gun Salute fired with each round marking each minute of the length of the procession.

The Queen’s final journey was marked a Gun Salute at Hyde Park on Wednesday afternoon. @Royal)arks

The Queen’s Coffin was wheeled along the The Mall on a gun carriage and arrived at the Westminster Hall where several dignitaries were in attendance with all the members of the The Royal Family household.

The service was poignant King Charles III was visibly sad and it can be seen that the Queen’s other children and family were in in a sombre mood.

The Queen’s final ceremonial procession to Westminster Hall – @Royal_FamilyUK
The new Prince and Princess of Wales looking very sombre with Prince Edward @Danny Lawson
Duke and Duchess of Sussex at Westminster Hall – @Derek Momodu
Prince & Princess of Wales and Earl and Countess of Wessex paying their respects to the Queen.
Harry & Meghan, Duke and Duchess of Sussex paying their respect to the Queen – @Greg Hogben
Her Majesty The Queen will lie in state for 5 days at the Westminster Hall @ Ministry of Defence

The next few days will be extremely busy in London and to make it easier for visitors that want to visit Westminster Palace before the state funeral, the Department of Digital Culture, Media and Sports have put out an update for anyone planning to visit the Lie-in-State of the Queen to prevent unnecessary congestion and queues.

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