Is Theresa May drafting Article 50 to trigger fast-track Brexit?

Prime Minister Theresa May

It it come to the attention of the public that Theresa May is currently drafting up a rough copy of Article 50 in an attempt to fast-track the Brexit process.

This means the proposal could be brought to parliament and the process can start sooner rather than later.

Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty is an agreement every EU member state enters into, allowing them to leave the Brussels bloc in accordance with their own constitutional regulations.

Prime Minister May, who is currently in India discussing Brexit relations, has been keen to push ahead in the Brexit procedures. After all, she did say it many times, “Brexit means Brexit, and we are going to make a success of it”.

The Prime Minister said: “While others seek to tie our negotiating hands, the government will get on with the job of delivering the decision of the British people.

“Of course the judges will look at the legal arguments. I believe we’ve got, as a Government, strong legal arguments for our case. Two court cases on this matter have come to different decisions, the Supreme Court will now decide.”

In response to this, Gina Miller has referred to the PM as “acting like a tin pot dictator”.

Gina Miller
Gina Miller

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It has come to the attention of many ‘brexiteers’ that this is an attempt by the ‘remainers’ to reverse brexit. Once the court had given their judgement, that would mean that when the case is brought to a vote within a parliament (many of whom voted to remain) there will be a vote on whether they will start Article 50 by March 2017.

Sir Kier Starmer said the Labour Party will not vote down triggering Article 50 but want the government to outline what exactly they plan.

Sir Keir said: “The Labour Party accepts that the Government has a mandate to leave the EU. They have no mandate for the terms on which we leave.

“We will not frustrate the process by simply voting down Article 50 but we are absolutely clear that before we get to that stage the Government must put its plan before Parliament.”

He added: “We can’t have a vote in a vacuum but we can’t proceed with this approach where the Prime Minister says ‘I hold all the cards to the future of the UK in Europe and its relationship with Europe and the world and I’m not going disclose even the basic terms to Parliament’. So of course we need that discussion.

“We should be proceeding if we can on the basis of a consensus across Parliament, not forced divisions. That means we should try to agree the plans. Proceeding in this divided way is wrong.”


  1. She has no choice otherwise it will have to be an early election of which they will all lose big!

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