Thousands celebrate reinstatement of Nepal’s parliament

Nepal; Kathmandu; Protests

Thousands of anti-government protesters threw confetti and chanted slogans in Nepal’s capital as they celebrated parliament’s reinstatement by the Supreme Court.

The court order was a major blow to troubled Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Oli, who dissolved the legislature in December because of a feud within the governing Nepal Communist Party.

The jubilant demonstrators applauded the court’s decision and demanded Mr Oli’s immediate dismissal.

The court ruled on Tuesday that the dissolution was unconstitutional and that a meeting of the reinstated body must be called within 13 days.

Mr Oli has not made any public comments since the ruling, which has put him in a difficult position because he will not have the support of a majority of politicians.

The Nepal Communist Party won a majority of the seats in 2017 elections, but has split following a feud between Mr Oli and co-leader Pushpa Kamal Dahal.

Without the support of Mr Dahal’s splinter group in parliament, Mr Oli would have difficulty remaining in office.

However, no party holds a majority to form a new government, which is likely to lead to a political crisis.

Since the parliament’s dissolution in December, there have been regular street protests against Mr Oli by tens of thousands of people in Kathmandu and other cities.


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