Tim: Buzz is complicated to play


Tim Allen says voicing Buzz Lightyear is complicated but fun

Tim Allen has complained the hit animated movie character Buzz Lightyear is tough to voice because he has so many personality changes.

Disney Pixar’s Toy Story 3 sees Buzz reset to his original factory settings so he forgets his toy friends, and he even ends up in Spanish mode.

Tim moaned: “I have a lot of personality disorders in this one; I get reset, I’m a different guy, another guy comes up. I always get to play this complicated Buzz that has different personality disorders.”

Co-star Tom Hanks, who voices cowboy Woody added: “He speaks Spanish in this. Didn’t they try to get you to record in Spanish for a little bit? That’s what I heard. It was the ‘buzz’ around the studio.”

Tim admitted: “It didn’t go so well.”

But he added he loves being Buzz, despite his crazy traits, as he is such fun to play.

Tim said he enjoys the role: “Because he’s a spaceman. Because he’s deluded and he gets to scream and yell.”

::Toy Story 3 is out on DVD and Blu-ray now.

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