Toilet roll and painkiller sales surge in sign of UK shopper stockpiling

Toilet roll and painkiller sales surge in sign of UK shopper stockpiling


British shoppers are snapping up painkillers and toilet roll in a sign of consumer stockpiling ahead of Brexit, supermarket Morrisons has revealed.

David Potts, chief executive of the chain, said the group had seen a spike in sales of the essential household items.

When asked if Morrisons shoppers had started stockpiling to prepare for possible no-deal Brexit chaos, Mr Potts said: “We’ve seen quite a tick up in painkillers and toilet rolls this financial year.

“Whether that’s got any bearing on how people are feeling about the Brexit process, I don’t know.”

10%. Proportion of UK shoppers claiming to have started stockpiling ahead of Brexit

Kantar Worldpanel

It comes after a recent survey found one in 10 UK shoppers claims to have started stockpiling food to prepare for a no-deal Brexit.

The poll by industry share data firm Kantar Worldpanel also revealed a further 26% reporting that they are considering stocking up.

Mr Potts said Morrisons was preparing as best it can for any potential no-deal Brexit disruption, considering alternative routes into the UK in case of queues at the ports.

Morrisons has also secured Authorised Economic Operator status to help speed up border checks.

The firm’s comments provide the latest evidence of stockpiling across the country as firms and consumers prepare for the worst, with only 16 days to go until the country is due to leave the EU and with no sign of a deal in sight.

The Bank of England has noted evidence of stockpiling among British businesses and figures suggest the UK is running out of warehouse space as a result.

Three-quarters of warehouse owners said their space was full to capacity after a jump of Brexit-related inquiries, according to a survey earlier this year by the The UK Warehousing Association.



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