Trump’s Inauguration Speech Emphasises ‘America First’

By Deborah Thomas
By Deborah Thomas

Donald Trump was sworn as the 45th President of United States of America today in a rather surreal environment.

Several thousands of people, Trump and anti-Trump supporters flocked to the US Capitol in Washington DC to witness this historical event. The Trump supporters were ecstatic whilst the opposition continued their protests in several areas outside the Capitol.

In attendance were several dignitaries and the outgoing ‘First family’ President Barack Obama and Mrs Michelle Obama. There was little or no flamboyance compared to President Barack Obama’s inaugural ceremony in 2008.

President Trump first speech was short and emphasised the state of the US economy, the state of the broken infrastructure in the country, unemployment, welfare, drugs, crime and financial meltdown. He stated to America that ‘This moment is your moment and it belongs to you’.

He emphasised that for the first time the people of America no matter the colour will have a government that works solely for them.

He ran an election on the anti-establishment rhetoric and his speech summarised all these ideologies. He also said that his government will be for America first.

This was a rather unusual speech which had undertones of his dissatisfaction with the state of United States of America and the past leadership. His speech echoed nationalism and Americanism.

He promised that his government will be one of action and not one that complains and does nothing about it.

This speech of course has garnered several criticisms on the left saying that his speech was rather divisive and he was like one of his campaign speeches! Some even mentioned that the speech exhibited the feeling of a crisis cult.

On the whole, the Trumpsters were very excited and waiting for him to deliver on his promises.


  1. Like him or not, he his our President. Is it so wrong to clean up our houses before going all over the world destabilizing others. Get real, all our roads, hospitals, bridges are rotting away and yet we spend trillions abroad. Give this man a chance.

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