TV watchdog receives 250 complaints after Big Brother sex game


Big Brother may face an Ofcom investigation following more than 250 complaints from viewers about controversial and explicit scenes aired this weekend.

In Sunday’s episode, housemates Marco Pierre White Jr and Laura Carter were shown playing a sex game during which she strangled him with a belt.

There were 252 complaints about Big Brother shows over the weekend, although the nature of the issues raised has not yet been revealed.

The son of celebrity chef Marco Pierre White and club hostess Carter enjoyed foreplay in Big Brother’s “pod”, where he instructed her: “Strangle me with this belt.”

When she objected: “I’m not going to strangle you on TV,” he persuaded her to continue, saying: “Just strangle me on TV, there’s nothing wrong with it… Strangle me, get on top of me, you filthy c***… Whip me with it.”

Channel 5

Later, he was shown lifting her top so he could lick her nipple, and reaching into her shorts to touch her genitals.

Fellow contestants also looked on as White climbed into bed with Carter, where they were shown writhing under the covers.

The show airs after the 9pm watershed.

Fans are warned at the start of the show: “Be prepared for abusive and highly offensive language constantly throughout, explosive and aggressive confrontations and extremely risky sexual activity, all of which may distress some viewers.”

An Ofcom spokesman said: “We will assess these complaints before deciding whether to investigate or not.”

Channel 5 has declined to comment.

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