US asks all NATO members to do more to take on Islamic State

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn

The US is asking all NATO members to do more to take on Islamic State, ahead of a crucial vote in Britain in the House of Commons.

Prime Minister David Cameron is due to set out his case for allowing RAF airstrikes to Syria in the next hour.

But Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said the focus should be on a political solution.

Meanwhile GOAL is due to outline its work in Syria to MPs this afternoon.

CEO Barry Andrews has said the humanitarian crisis remains a huge problem: “When you take away the high politics and you see the damage done to people’s livelihoods, to their mental wellbeing and their physical wellbeing, it is absolutely catastrophic.

“So, the focus today is very much a security one from the UK’s point of view, I think, we will be trying to bring it back to the humanitarian point of view.”

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