US Covid-19 cases surge past nine million

covid-19 diagnostic kit; Covid, Coronavirus cases increase
Novel coronavirus 2019 nCoV pcr diagnostics kit. This is RT-PCR kit to detect presence of 2019-nCoV or covid19 virus in clinical specimens. In vitro diagnostic test based on real-time PCR technology

The US now has nine million confirmed cases of coronavirus, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, as infections continue to rise in nearly every state.

It took two weeks to reach the mark from eight million, the fastest jump of one million yet.

It had taken more than three weeks for the total to rise from seven million to eight million.

Confirmed US cases are on the rise in 47 states. Deaths are up 14% over the past two weeks, averaging more than 800 every day.

The virus has now killed more than 229,000 Americans.

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