US in food fight over whoopie pie


Two states in America are fighting it out over the rightful home of the whoopie pie

Two states in America are fighting it out over the rightful home of a palm-sized chocolate cake.

The whoopie pie food fight between Maine and Pennsylvania was sparked after a Maine official introduced the snack as the state’s official dessert.

Residents in Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County were whipped up into a frenzy by the comments, saying the cakes originated from the kitchens of the area’s Amish families.

Maine state representative Paul Davis started the skirmish with a bill to praise the whoopie pie.

Mr Davis got the idea after speaking with people at the Maine Whoopie Pie Festival.

Amos Orcutt, president of the Maine Whoopie Pie Association was one of the residents who lobbied Mr Davis to make a stand.

Mr Davis said he’s been told Maine whoopie pies may date back as far as 1925. The website for Labadie’s Bakery in Lewiston, Maine, said bakers there started making whoopie pies that year.

Word of MR Davis’ bill reached the Pennsylvania Dutch Convention and Visitors Bureau in Lancaster and organisers there decided to fight back. They said Maine’s actions amounted to “confectionary larceny”.

Lancaster residents say Amish and other Pennsylvania Dutch families have passed down whoopie pie recipes for generations.

The cake is about 80 centimetres in diameter, has a creamy vanilla filling, and is a cross between a soft biscuit, a cake and a pie.

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